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Are there taxes and custom charges?Updated 9 months ago

At Curalife, we strive to ensure a smooth shipping experience for all our customers. While the majority of our orders are shipped from our fulfillment center in the US without any issues, there are occasional instances where orders may get stuck in customs. 

Even though we cannot promise that future order(s) won't be stopped by customs, we've noticed that smaller orders (such as single units) tend to have a higher chance of passing through customs without any complications. 

While we cannot control the taxes and fees imposed by your government, we want to make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase. 

To assist you in this situation, we will happily compensate you for the customs fee that you were charged. To begin the process, please pay the fee and provide us with a clear picture of the receipt showing the paid amount and the name of the shipping carrier. We will then confirm that the charge was related to your Curalin order and proceed with the compensation.

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