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How do I redeem my loyalty points?Updated 4 months ago

Congratulations on accumulating Loyalty Points. You must be excited to redeem them for discounts or even a free bottle.

Here are the possible discounts available:

150 points = $10 off

300 points = $20 off

750 points =  $75 discount on any order or a free 180 capsule bottle. 

In order to redeem 150, 300, or 750 Loyalty Points for a discount, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Curalife account. 

2. Choose the product you wish to purchase and proceed to checkout.

3. Select one out of the three options from the "Rewards" drop-down tab: $10 off for 150 points, $20 off for 300 points, or $75 off for 750 points 

4. Click "Redeem" and the discount will be applied to your order!

* Only 1 reward can be redeemed per order: either 150, 300, or 750 points.

* Double discounts are not applicable, either redeem your loyalty points or use a discount code

Have 750 points and want to redeem them for a free 180-capsule bottle, click on the link below based on your location:

For the USA, Australia, or Canada, click the link here.

For all other countries, click the link here.

* Only 1 free bottle can be redeemed at a time.

If you encounter any issues, please take a screenshot of the problem and send it to us via our Contact Us form and we will sort everything out as quickly as possible! 



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