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Rewards Program

What is the Loyalty Program?

Curalife launched the Loyalty Program in March 2021, which allows members to earn exclusive rewards and points every time they shop.

How can I earn loyalty points?

Earning loyalty points is easy! Whether it is through placing an order, referring a friend, or joining our Facebook community. Take a look Curalife's rewards section to see the different ways you can easily earn points.

How do I redeem my loyalty points?

Congratulations on accumulating Loyalty Points. You must be excited to redeem them for discounts or even a free bottle. Here are the possible discounts available:. 150 points = $10 off. 300 points = $20 off. 750 points =  $75 discount on any order or

Where do I see my loyalty points balance?

Follow these steps to see your Reward History:. 1. Log in to your Curalife account. 2. Click on My Account on the top of the website: 3. Click on "Loyalty" on the left-hand side. To see the exact number of points you have, follow th

What are the benefits of joining the rewards program?

Joining our reward program allows you to get points every time you shop, refer and complete a task! Then, you can redeem the points for discounts on any order of your choice!.

How do I register to become a Loyalty Member? Do points expire?

Want to join the fun and get discounts on your orders? Simply create an account on our website here, and you'll automatically join the program, free of charge!. By creating an account, you'll automatically receive 50 points to get you started!. Point

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