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How do I Refer a Friend?Updated 4 months ago

Please follow the following steps in order to refer a friend and earn rewards:

1. Log into your account 

2. Hover over the ‘Rewards’ in the top navigation menu. Then click on the ‘Refer-A-Friend’ subtab. 

3. Choose how you'd like to share your referral link. Options include: Email, Copy Link, Facebook, FB Messenger, Whatsapp, and SMS (if you’re on your phone). 

4. Enter your friend's email address or copy the link into your chosen medium, follow the prompts, and send it to your friend

5. Check the status of your referrals under the "My Referral" tab. If the email address is marked as "Pending," it means your friend has not placed an order yet, and we recommend sending them a reminder. This feature is only available for email referrals.

6. Once your friend places their first order through your referral link, you will receive an email confirming that you have been rewarded with 750 Loyalty Points!

Please note that the referral will only count if it is done through the Refer-A-Friend program, and the person you refer must place their first order through your referral link for you to receive the reward. If the referral is not made properly or the person you refer does not place an order through your link, our system cannot credit the points to you. So, make sure to follow these steps carefully to earn rewards for every successful referral!

Every successful referral is rewarded with 750 Loyalty Points as long as it was done properly through the Refer a Friend system :) 

If you encounter any issues, please take a screenshot of the problem and send it to us via our Contact Us form and we will sort everything out as quickly as possible! 

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