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Refer A Friend

What is the Refer-A-Friend program?

Know someone who could use Curalin? Refer A Friend is a program where you can help others by introducing them to Curalin and even benefit from the referral yourself, a win-win situation!. 1. Tell your friends about Curalin and the difference it can m

How do I Refer a Friend?

Please follow the following steps in order to refer a friend and earn rewards:. 1. Log into your account. 2. Hover over the ‘Rewards’ in the top navigation menu. Then click on the ‘Refer-A-Friend’ subtab. 3. Choose how you'd like to share your referr

How do I redeem my points?

Congratulations on accumulating Loyalty Points. You must be excited to redeem them for discounts or even a free bottle. Here are the possible discounts available:. 150 points = $10 off. 300 points = $20 off. 750 points =  $75 discount on any order or